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“Change, whether small or large, creates disruption. People are the most important element in any business. At Redsixty, we understand the human impact and help to minimise disruption. We make sure your people can work seamlessly whilst the technology and environment is changing around them.” – Alistair Wilkinson, Managing Director.

Why Redsixty?

CERTAINTY – Certainty of outcomes in a complex and changing environment

INTEGRITY – Doing the right thing, always

PEOPLE – Recognising the importance of people and their individual situations

PRAGMATISM – Change is inevitable – we adapt to your circumstances

Where We Work

  • Local government & councils
  • Municipal buildings
  • Transport hubs and depots
  • Iconic landmarks
  • Complex real estate
  • Hard to reach
  • Secure environments
  • Corporate Offices and Campuses

Clients Situations

Large IT transformation programmes

Multi-site refurbishment and office moves

Distributed sites requiring ongoing assurance and remediation services


Technology Installation Services

Office Moves & Changes

Managed Services

Latest News

jamie cullum

Redsixty 5G concert, Feat. Jamie Cullum

Jamie Cullum, EE, King’s College London, and the charity Music for All recently teamed up to demonstrate the power of 5G technology, and how it can be used to change lives. Music for All enriches children’s development by introducing them to music, be that through providing lessons and workshops, or by donating instruments. One blocker […]


Redsixty / Rotsechzig

Our German cousins found themselves in a spot of bother. Deutsche Telekom were delivering a circuit to a client’s building. They had struggled to find a way of installing fibre tubing that was acceptable to the landlord of the site. Fortunately, someone involved had heard of Redsixty and our ability to solve complicated issues and […]


Whitehouse Down*

18:36 Friday 30/08/19: Redsixty receive a call on the red phone from the client. Client: There is an urgent situation is developing. Can Redsixty attend site at 08:00 on Monday morning? Redsixty: Affirmative, roger and out. 08:00, Monday 02/0919: Redsixty arrive on site. Client: A V.V.I.P. is arriving for an event. Can Redsixty ensure the […]

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