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Redsixty / Rotsechzig

September 30, 2019 12:23 pm



Our German cousins found themselves in a spot of bother. Deutsche Telekom were delivering a circuit to a client’s building. They had struggled to find a way of installing fibre tubing that was acceptable to the landlord of the site.

Fortunately, someone involved had heard of Redsixty and our ability to solve complicated issues and deliver end-to-end solutions!

Within 48 hours, a project manager and survey engineer were on site. By the end of the week the client had a quotation outlining several options of how to proceed. These factored in cost, timescales, risk, and how likely the landlord would accept each option.

We are proud to report the fibre has now been blown through the tubing, and the process has been successfully handed back to Deutsche Telekom and Fujitsu to terminate and make the site live – good luck, German cousins!

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