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Whitehouse Down*

September 30, 2019 12:23 pm



18:36 Friday 30/08/19: Redsixty receive a call on the red phone from the client.

Client: There is an urgent situation is developing. Can Redsixty attend site at 08:00 on Monday morning?

Redsixty: Affirmative, roger and out.

08:00, Monday 02/0919: Redsixty arrive on site.

Client: A V.V.I.P. is arriving for an event. Can Redsixty ensure the security team have 7 phone lines routed to specific locations around the site, and one data line to be deployed to two separate locations?

Redsixty: Affirmative.

Client: By close of play tomorrow?

Redsixty: Affirmative.

08:00 Tuesday 03/09/19: Redsixty deploy and test.

08:00 Wednesday 04/09/19: Redsixty onsite to assist client testing.

20:00 Thursday 05/09/19: U.S.A. Vice President Pence’s security team successfully oversee an event.

Security Team: Incredible work Redsixty. Short timescales, tricky requirements – can we call on you in the future?

Redsixty: Affirmative.

*All events and timescales are factual. Some conversations have been approximated, or entirely fabricated.

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